What We Ask Of Our Clients

Help Us Help You!!

It’s not as overwhelming as it appears but if we offer you these tips the better we will work together to ensure your pet in well taken care of.

 Our Initial Meeting:

When we meet with you for the first time we ask that you have your paperwork filled out and ready to go.  Click here to download our packet that you can print out.  If this is not possible for you send us and email and we will send it that way or of course we can do the good old fashioned way via mail.

Please make sure we have reliable emergency contacts name & numbers as well as we ask for your travel itinerary.

Make notes of any questions that you may have on our paperwork.  It’s easy to forget when we get to talking and the focus always tends to go directly to the animals…as it should be!

This will make things go more smoothly for everybody involved!

Honesty Wins EVERY Time:

We ask that you be totally honest about your pets’ health and behavior. This is not to judge but it lets us know if your dog tends to be aggressive, withdrawn, afraid of storms etc.  This will give us a heads upon how to better be prepared for caring for your pet in the best possible way.

Book Ahead

We want to make sure we are able to accommodate your needs.  The more time that you give us for longer trips the better chance we can help you.  This holds especially true during the Holidays.

Daily visits are not as critical for booking ahead because we understand your schedules change and may need us on short notice.

Cancel Services In Advance

If your plans change please let us know as soon as possible.  This way we can offer those dates to clients waiting.  There may be a cancellation charge during the Holidays.

Be flexible With Time

It is not unusual for us to have many visits in a day.  For this reason we cannot give you a set time.  Instead we will give you a time frame which we will be in your area.  We try to keep the visit around the same time everyday so your pet will stay on their regular schedule.

Is Anyone Visiting?

We are there to take care of your pets and your home.  Safety is our number one issue and for this we need to know if anyone is allowed in your home while you are away.

Confirm Your Reservation

As your travel dates get closer please call and confirm with us to wrap up and last minute questions or changes, confirm we have access to your home and everything is as we discussed at our initial meeting.

Stock Up

Although we will be happy to go shopping for you we would need to charge accordingly.  To avoid this charge please ensure your pets have all of the food, cat litter, medication and other supplies that will be needed while you are away.

ALWAYS Keep Us Updated With Records & Information

If you are one of our regulars please let us know of any changes in your pets health, change to medication, change of feeding schedule or any behaviors.  If you have new keys, new vet, new alarm code or system, please update us so that we don’t have any surprises when we visit.


We ask that payment is collected when services rendered.   If you are using us for an extended stay we will require ½ down when we begin and the remainder when we return your keys.

We accept Cash. Checks, MasterCard & Visa

For our regular customers monthly plans are available but credit card must be kept on file should your package change.

Text or Phone when you get home from your trip

If we are staying with your pets for a single overnight or an extended stay, we ask that you text or call when you return.  This gives us peace of mind that they are now back in your care.


We can only do our job with the information we have.  If you have any questions or concerns contact us immediately.  We will do the best we can to resolve it immediately.

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