Dog & Owner Etiquette

Dog & Owner Etiquette @ Dog Parks & Beaches

  • Keep Dogs within fenced in areas when off leads.
  • Scoop the Poop – Use bags and deposit in trash cans.
  • No Aggressive dogs they will be asked to leave immediately. 
  • Owners must have a leash on hand in case the need arise.
  • Dogs LOVE to dig we understand, but please fill in the holes.
  • All dogs in facility need tags for current license and vaccinations.
  •  Females in heat are prohibited.
  • Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Park hour’s dawn to dusk.
  • Be aware that Canines & human visitors enter at their own risk.
  • Owners are legally responsible for their dogs and injuries or loss caused by their dogs
  • Lee County not responsible for injuries to dogs or their owners
  • Dogs must be under voice command, control, and accompanied by their humans AT ALL TIMES
  • Scoop Your Poop – Bags & disposals are normally provided but have your own just in case.
  • Obey all signs and keep dogs in designated areas only
  • NO food allowed in park areas
  • To report and/or violations please call Animal Services at (239) 533-7387.
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