Pet Sitting Services Estero Fl

Our Mission Is Simple

“To provide superior Pet Sitting Services for Estero, Bonita Springs and surrounding areas. You can rest assured that we are giving your cherished pets that extra special attention. Your peace of mind is our goal.

We want to welcome you to

Bark All About It Pet Setting Services!

Don’t let the name fool you, we welcome all types of pets and are trained in the care of each. We understand it can be a daunting task trying to find a dependable, trustworthy, caring pet sitter.  We agree there are many to choose but will they really be the pet sitter that is right for you and your pets?

We have put a lot of time into our training.  We are proud members of Pet Sitters International, have taken Pet First Aid training through the American Red Cross and we are Bonded & Insured giving you that extra piece of mind.  We are always on the lookout for new and better ways to serve our clients and we always keep an open line of communication with you to voice your suggestions.

We are confident that our Pet Sitting Services rate the very best and given the chance to work with you we know you will agree.  We will provide your pets with love and attention, exercise and fresh air during the day when you’re not able to.

We are finding that more establishments are opening their doors to pets however there are those times when you just can’t bring them along.   With everyone’s days getting more and more hectic with work, trips or weekend getaways, you need to have a reliable pet sitter that you can trust and depend on to come into your home and give them the care and attention they need.

Dogs often get a “bad rap” if they are home bound and tear up the house while your away.  The realty is dogs that don’t get any exercise or attention can cause havoc because of pent up energy.  Our Pet Sitting Services will burn up that extra energy for you and you will have the luxury of coming home to a pooped out dog.

So whether your dog needs a bathroom break, a nice long walk to break up the day or an overnight companion in the comforts of their own home Bark All About It Pet Sitting Services is here for you!   We look forward to meeting you and your pets for our FREE meet and greet.

We can be reached at 239.537-2629 or email us below

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Dog & Owner Etiquette

Dog & Owner Etiquette @ Dog Parks & Beaches

  • Keep Dogs within fenced in areas when off leads.
  • Scoop the Poop – Use bags and deposit in trash cans.
  • No Aggressive dogs they will be asked to leave immediately. 
  • Owners must have a leash on hand in case the need arise.
  • Dogs LOVE to dig we understand, but please fill in the holes.
  • All dogs in facility need tags for current license and vaccinations.
  •  Females in heat are prohibited.
  • Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Park hour’s dawn to dusk.
  • Be aware that Canines & human visitors enter at their own risk.
  • Owners are legally responsible for their dogs and injuries or loss caused by their dogs
  • Lee County not responsible for injuries to dogs or their owners
  • Dogs must be under voice command, control, and accompanied by their humans AT ALL TIMES
  • Scoop Your Poop – Bags & disposals are normally provided but have your own just in case.
  • Obey all signs and keep dogs in designated areas only
  • NO food allowed in park areas
  • To report and/or violations please call Animal Services at (239) 533-7387.
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Pet Sitting Rates

Bark All About It Rates

Dog Walking (our specialty)

Single Daily Visit          $20
(For additional Dog please add $5)

Extended Stays (extra ½ hr)    $30
(Standard visit 30 Minutes)

Overnight Pet Sitting In Your Home

    $65 / night (Prices are for a 24 hour period)

For additional pets please add $5

Refer a friend and earn a FREE Dog Walk!

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Top 10 Reasons To Hire Us

Top 10 Reasons to Hire BARK ALL ABOUT IT Dog Walking / Pet Sitting Service

  1. Well Being – Many dogs get labeled a “bad dog” and in most cases it’s simply lack of exercise.  Your dogs need an outlet and that outlet is a nice long walk.  Even if your dog is able to free roam in a back yard they are spending their time napping.  Having Bark All About It  come to your home and walk them will in turn make a very well rounded, well behaved dog.
  2. Routine & Schedule – Believe it or not dogs like a schedule to.  If the routine is altered don’t be surprised to find an accident, neighbors complaining of barking or destructive behavior.  We work with you to decide best times of the day to come in to keep them on the same feeding and exercise schedule as you have them on. Bark All About It understands Consistency is the key
  3. Peace of Mind – Bark All About It comes with the highest recommendations and you can be sure that we are taking c are of your pets and your home as if it were our own.   We will provide reports of how the stay was and if anything happened out of the ordinary.  It’s like having your own Home Watch / Pet Sitting Service in One.
  4. Flexible – We know your schedule can change in a minute and we are very flexible for that reason.  Need an extra walk or an extra overnight?  Just give us a call and we will accommodate instead of worrying about how you are going to get home in time for dinnertime.  Bark All About It will worry about feeding, potty break, a nice long walk and filling the water bowl.
  5. No More Kennel Nightmares – I know from past experiences I have had vacations that just weren’t as much fun due to worrying about my dog locked up in a kennel.  Pets need familiar surroundings and routines.  Overnight Pet Sitting is the answer because we come to you .  No disrupting any routines or surroundings.
  6. Boarding Health Concerns – Boarding your dogs can not only be highly stressful and cause great anxiety but sickness as well.  Some dogs will refuse to eat while you’re away or may catch a “doggie virus” or fleas etc.  Because of their surroundings and the number of dogs at the kennels those statistics rise drastically.  Why take that chance?
  7. Cost – May surprise you but we are right on the same price point as many boarding facility’s and cheaper if you have multiple animals.
  8. YOU can relax – Don’t chance another wasted vacation.  You will obviously think about them while you are away but that will be followed by a smile because you will know that your pets are in the best hands with Bark All About It
  9. You have worn out your favors – Tired of relying on Friends and family to watch your pets?  Not sure if they are really getting the best care? With Bark All About It – the more times you call the happier we are!
  10. And MOST important…Lots of Tender Loving Care – We can’t possibly make your pets forget your not there but we can and do throw extra love and attention to fill the void.  There is never lack of TLC
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